Seasonal Parties and Alcohol Impairment – A Risky Mix

It’s been a while since I wrote on the topic of the heightened risk of injuries resulting from alcohol consumption at work-related events.  ‘Tis the season, and so I’m back to spoil the party, aga...

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Revisiting Mandatory Vaccination Policies

Remember a little thing called the novel coronavirus?  We came to know it as COVID-19 and, though it’s still out there, it’s fair to say that for most of us the anxiety of 2020-2021 is a thing of the pa...

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Controlling Controlled Substances in the Workplace

In May of this year, our federal government passed an exemption to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act to permit adults in B.C. to legally possess – for personal use - small amounts of certain control...

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Working From Home – Avoiding the “Family Status” Discrimination Trap

Last time, I wrote about policy and procedure issues arising from the pandemic-driven “working from home” employment scenario. I thought I would take the topic a little further and let you in on a development about which I’ve rec...

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Working From Home - The New Reality

Like it or not, employees working remotely - from home - is now a “thing”.  The COVID-19 pandemic had many impacts on the business world but perhaps the most enduring will be employees’ desire to ...

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Paid Sick Leave in B.C. – The Seasonal Impact

“Is this Smithson guy obsessed with the new ESA paid sick leave rules? Maybe he should find a hobby or take up yoga!” I hear you, and I promise this will be my last bulletin on this topic… for a while, anyway. ...

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Paid Sick Leave in B.C. Gets Even Weirder

In a recent article, I addressed the inherent weirdness of the B.C. government’s new paid sick leave rules (a 2021 addition to our Employment Standards Act, where they are referred to as “illness or...

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Paid Sick Leave in B.C. – The Devil Is In The Details

I recently discussed the B.C. government’s step of adding an entitlement to paid sick leave to B.C.’s Employment Standards Act (where it’s referred to as “illness or injury leave”)...

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