When It Rains It (Really) Pours

In a recent article (Restoring ‘Working Notice’ As A Termination Strategy), I offered a different strategy for achieving the smooth, risk-free, and cost-efficient termination of employment relationships on a without-cause basis. Scinti...

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When Social Media Exposure Isn’t A Good Thing

Any publicity is good publicity, right? Not anymore it isn’t. Some of the worst publicity a business can receive is as a result of its own employees posting damaging material on social media sites. It may only be a “thing&rdq...

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Honey, I Shrunk The Family (Status)!

For many years, I’ve been in the habit of saying that managing employees' absences due to disabilities is the hardest challenge for human resources practitioners. It may be time to change that to dealing with employees’ assertions ...

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Love Thy Neighbour – Or Get A Job Elsewhere

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." The Bible (Book of Leviticus) At work, we’ve probably all had the experienc...

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Employment Policies – (Not) Worth Their Weight In Gold?

You must be a pirate for the pirates’ code to apply… and the ‘code’ is more of what you’d ...

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All’s Fair (Almost) In Love And Work

It will soon be Valentine’s Day and in the news, recently, has been a story of two Vernon firefighters caught on video having sex in the Fire Chief’s office. They were fired and their case has been the subject of much discussion about ...

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Just Cause Isn’t Dead (It Just Looks That Way)

Employers might be forgiven for thinking that just cause for summary dismissal is, as a legal concept, deceased. Or, as John Cleese once said… “It’s bleeding demised… it’s pa...

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Short Service, Lengthy Notice

When mulling over topics for new articles, I sometimes presume I’ve previously covered a subject area. I’ve published about a thousand articles over the years so, really, what possible employment/labour topic could I not have addressed...

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Testing For Weed Impairment At Work - W-Day Approaches

I’ve written previously on the topic of the approaching W-Day (Weed-Day, October 17, 2018, when cannabis sale and consumption becomes “legal” across Canada) and about what employers can expect. As I’ve stated, I can’t...

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