Putting A Lid On Benefits Premiums

It seems I often start off these bulletins by saying, “A number of clients have recently asked me…” and this one is no different. A spate of clients has been asking about how to cease payment of benefits and insurance ...

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Overtime Averaging Agreements

I’ve recently received a number of questions from employers about the availability and details of so-called overtime averaging. It’s been years since I last addressed this topic, so I thought I’d get back to basics and talk about...

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Imposing Fundamental Changes to the Employment Relationship

Employers frequently wish to impose changes on employees during the course of their ongoing employment.  You might think the law on a common topic such as this would be well settled, but there has been a debate in ...

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Solving the Seasonal Employee Dilemma

At this time of year, I’m commonly asked by employers about their hiring practices relating to seasonal employees.  These seasonal folks pose some real challenges when it comes to the hiring process, particul...

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Weed at Work

As W-Day approaches, there seems to be more and more discussion ongoing amongst employers and employment lawyers about what we can expect when marijuana use is legalized.  Personally, I can’t decide whether so...

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Terminations, Settlements, and the Reference Letter

In the context of terminating an employment relationship, and the related negotiations over the terms of the employee’s departure, the topic of a reference letter is often of supreme importance to the departing in...

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Workplace Relationships, Harassment, and Abuse

Employment lawyers commonly advise employers who are asking how to eliminate personal relationships between employees.  That result is likely one which is unachievable, both legally and practically. But, at the present time, employe...

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Get to Know B.C.’s Employment Standards Act

British Columbia’s Employment Standards Act is the baseline of all employers’ obligations (unless your business falls in the federal realm – more on that below) towards employees and is mandatory knowledge for new employers....

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Getting Back to Basics With Employment Contracts

As time passes in the world of employment relationships, many aspects of the law seem to change. Governments change statutes and courts re-write the common law on almost a daily basis. One thing which remains constant is the value of a written emp...

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