Employment Policies – (Not) Worth Their Weight In Gold?

You must be a pirate for the pirates’ code to apply… and the ‘code’ is more of what you’d ...

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All’s Fair (Almost) In Love And Work

It will soon be Valentine’s Day and in the news, recently, has been a story of two Vernon firefighters caught on video having sex in the Fire Chief’s office. They were fired and their case has been the subject of much discussion about ...

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Just Cause Isn’t Dead (It Just Looks That Way)

Employers might be forgiven for thinking that just cause for summary dismissal is, as a legal concept, deceased. Or, as John Cleese once said… “It’s bleeding demised… it’s pa...

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Short Service, Lengthy Notice

When mulling over topics for new articles, I sometimes presume I’ve previously covered a subject area. I’ve published about a thousand articles over the years so, really, what possible employment/labour topic could I not have addressed...

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Testing For Weed Impairment At Work - W-Day Approaches

I’ve written previously on the topic of the approaching W-Day (Weed-Day, October 17, 2018, when cannabis sale and consumption becomes “legal” across Canada) and about what employers can expect. As I’ve stated, I can’t...

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Putting A Lid On Benefits Premiums

It seems I often start off these bulletins by saying, “A number of clients have recently asked me…” and this one is no different. A spate of clients has been asking about how to cease payment of benefits and insurance ...

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Overtime Averaging Agreements

I’ve recently received a number of questions from employers about the availability and details of so-called overtime averaging. It’s been years since I last addressed this topic, so I thought I’d get back to basics and talk about...

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Imposing Fundamental Changes to the Employment Relationship

Employers frequently wish to impose changes on employees during the course of their ongoing employment.  You might think the law on a common topic such as this would be well settled, but there has been a debate in ...

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Solving the Seasonal Employee Dilemma

At this time of year, I’m commonly asked by employers about their hiring practices relating to seasonal employees.  These seasonal folks pose some real challenges when it comes to the hiring process, particul...

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